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Our mission, vision and values represent the attitude and the way we work at JSC POS

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JSC Global Solutions, Inc. is an IT company, in existence for over 20 years, with an excellent track record of providing various IT Solutions to its clients. Our services include POS System, Website Development, Custom Development, and Outsourcing of Development & Maintenance. We provide the best technology and unmatched features to make your business stand out from the competition.

JSC's expertise spans several industries; however, we have developed a significant focus in Insurance and Manufacturing. Our Risk Management data system product IRMAR - Interactive Risk Management Analysis and reportage, is reflective of our Insurance domain expertise, understanding of decision support & BI applications, and state of the art technology. JSC Global Solutions, Inc. distinguishes itself from its competitors through the range and quality of its global resources, the depth of its industry insight, project management and technical expertise. Our versatile and cooperative approach ends up in extremely happy customers.

JSC Offers
  • Easy to install browser-based solution.
  • Easy to understand screens with minimum key strokes needed to place and complete an order or check out an item.
  • Ability to transfer the foremost advanced of menus, with ability to order combination platters, specify modifiers, and provides special directions.
  • Ability to transfer existing items & prices in an automated fashion in most cases.
  • Ability to combined reporting for all geographically distributed locations.
  • Variety of operational and analytical reports that assist in running your business efficiently.
JSCCelebrating 10 years of excellence

Provide innovative products and services to our clients enabling them to offer superior service to their guests in the POS industry.


Our vision is to become a leader in the POS industry recognized for providing innovative consumer centric products and services.

Great User Experience


People from all walks of life add associate degree setting wherever individual ideas and work is revered making certain long-run success of our shoppers, workers and company.

Great User Experience


Creating and maintaining surroundings of trust, management and cooperation through mutual respect.

Great User Experience

Global Teamwork

Each team member evokes, challenge, and support one another to be the simplest and it's through division cooperation we tend to accomplish success.

Great User Experience


Understanding and developing responsive solutions in line with the requirements of our shoppers and promoting mutualist relationships.

Great User Experience


Our business establishment and process are in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical values.

Great User Experience


Innovation is a culture and attitude at JSC, we promote creative thinking and ideas in everything we do on a daily basis.