Fit for all Restaurant types, cuts down lapses, lower costs and enhances customer experience

JSC Restaurant Point-Of-Sale System is an all-in-one solution for all type of restaurants - Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Ethnic Restaurants or Quick Service Restaurants. We offer you with robust features for the ease of Tableside Ordering and whole Restaurant Management as well as increase in Sales through Analytics.



    Giving everything at your fingertips, easy ordering from anywhere Giving everything at your fingertips, easy ordering from anywhere

    Giving everything at your fingertips, easy ordering from anywhere

    JSC Restaurant Point-Of-Sale System gives you the advantage of ordering flexibility. Orders can be placed from Tableside as well as Online from Tablet or even Mobile Phones very easily.

    Online OrderingOnline Ordering
    Tableside OrderingTableside Ordering
    Tablet Based OrderingTablet Based Ordering
    Mobile Based OrderingMobile Based Ordering
    Simple and Easy Management System for whole Restaurant

    Simple and Easy Management System for whole Restaurant

    JSC Restaurant Point-Of-Sale System integrated the whole Restaurant Management system in a very simple and user-friendly manner.

    Employee ManagementEmployee Management
    Easy Item ManagementEasy Item Management
    Cash Counter ManagementCash Counter Management
    Paid Out ManagementPaid Out Management
    Simple and Easy Management System for whole Restaurant
    Increase Sales using easy, automated and detailed reports Increase Sales using easy, automated and detailed reports

    Increase Sales using easy, automated and detailed reports

    JSC Restaurant Point-Of-Sale System automates the whole ordering process. Bills can be split by Items and even Persons.Easy, automated and detailed reports can be generated as per the requirements.

    Automated ReportingAutomated Reporting
    Timed PromotionsTimed Promotions
    Bill Splitting Bill Splitting
    Customize your app withsome add-on features

    Customize your app withsome add-on features.

    JSC Restaurant Point-Of-Sale System provides you with some extra features to increase profit and revenue as well as customer engagement too.

    Customizable User InterfaceCustomizable User Interface
    Gift Certificate Gift Certificate
    Permission Management Permission Management
    Customize your app withsome add-on features


  • whatshotDetailed reports
    Detailed reports
    The essential feature of any POS system is that it will store rather more data which an excessive amount of quicker than a conventional register. It provides you the power to tug out data from any terminal of the business at intervals seconds, directly through the central hub, that has access to any or all inventory information of your business. A point of sale system will pull out reports on the fly and brings up so far and actual data concerning sales, items, time log and far additional.
  • whatshotFaster checkout speed
    Faster checkout speed Faster checkout speed
    Since POS system primarily uses bar code scanning or similar feature, hence modifying and completing a transaction is done at a more rapid rate. When you build a comparison between the normal ways and therefore the purpose of sale method, you'll be able to simply see the group action time distinction. Keyboard entry of a twelve-character information, that could be a typical UPC length, would take about 6 seconds and scan it in the form of bar code would take just about 2 seconds. Obvious currently, this method is quicker and accessing information is simpler too. POS system facilitates victimisation options like 'refunds, void or no sale' therefore easy that it's simply a click away.
  • whatshotAccurate reports
    Accurate reports Accurate reports
    Accuracy is the most important factor when you are dealing with an extensive inventory. One single mistake can lead to a blunder. "To err is human." This has been a long-known proverb, and no one can prove it wrong even today. Using a POS system makes your calculation and information nearly 100% correct. Unless the machine somehow malfunctions, there is no mistake for even the tenth place of a decimal in your calculations.
  • whatshotFast Facts
    Fast Facts Fast Facts
    As per studies, customary keying of details by even older cashiers is one error in each three hundred characters typewritten employing a keyboard. Now let's see the case with POS system. A bar code reader for example here has a mistake in 15,000 to 36 trillion characters scanned, and it depends on the type of barcode. Yes, this is a huge difference. Apart from creating mistakes through the standard methodology, it conjointly incurs the additional value of correcting the mistakes and creating the ultimate reports faulty. Some of the times, the prices of some items need to be changed, and it might be a hectic task to make the correction at every junction the data is stored. In the POS system, you can make the change at every place by just making the change at the hub or the back office primary database. Some of such software system prints shelf labels and you would possibly not get to modify the worth hang on each item.
  • whatshotEasy tracking of inventory
    Easy tracking of inventory Easy tracking of inventory
    A Point of sale system keeps a more robust record of the inventory. It offers you associate correct figure of what percentage things were oversubscribed. It keeps regular track of all the merchandise movements going down. This is an awfully economical and useful issue for any business. The inventory details have all the info concerning the merchandise movement just like the sales, date of sale, value and far additional. It helps you to manage decent quantity of inventory available and makes certain that it ne'er lacks in any explicit item.


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